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Luca Zanna

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Welcome to UnitedStates.fm Network home of the
Love, Guns & Freedom Radio Show

Gianluca Zanna How to become an American CitizenUnitedStates.fm is the web radio station about these United States of America, the US Constitution and how to become an American!
My name is Luca Zanna and I am a Naturalized American, former legal legal Immigrant from Italy.
The purpose of UnitedStates.fm is to share my love for America, its Constitution and founding documents.
I want to share also with all potential Immigrants from all over the world that want to become part of this great Country
my experience on how I became an American.
I am also the host of the UNITEDSTATES.fm Radio Show where I will bring you as guests Constitutional and Immigration lawyers, former INS agents, and other immigrants that will share their personal experiences,
views, and opinions on Legal Immigration and the principles upon America was founded. Remember, we are a Constitutional Republic, never a Democracy, to see what is the difference, go to our Facts about America section! 
Don't forget to visit the US IMMIGRATION LAWYERS section where you can find the best and most affordable immigration lawyers in the USA. Go also to the section "HOW TO BECOME AN AMERICAN" and download my e-book, an incredible source of information on how to become a Naturalized American Citizen, with also my personal story.
If you come to America to become part of it and you are willing to embrace its princibles of Freedom and individual Rights based upon the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, I welcome you as a brother and sister and I wish you all the best in your journey as a naturalized American.
Also do not forget to listen to my radio show "Love, Guns & Freedom"!

Luca Zanna

PS To support this site, feel free to go to browse the songs in this store section at the bottom of this page. I wrote and produced all these songs and for just 99 cents you can download any of them, so your contribution will support this project and the web radio show.

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