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24 hours Extreme Sacrifice...
No Food, No Sleep, NO Amnesty
24 hours
Congressman David Dreier Chain Protest
extreme sacrifice
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Dave Video Camera in Dreier's office
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Starting on Wednesday, February 1st at 9:00 AM through Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00 AM for 24 hours NON STOP a group of very angry Americans will chain themselves together as a First Amendment _expression of extreme disappointment in the Republican Party Leadership not securing our borders and secretly planning to pass a guest worker amnesty.

We are going to SHOW the Congress that WE THE PEOPLE are extremely mad; in fact DOUBLE MAD and will defend our Republic with every means under the Law, Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Join us at Congressman David Dreier’s Glendora, CA office:

2220 East Route 66
Suite 225
Glendora, CA 91740
Office (626) 852-2626
Toll Free (866) 373-6321
Fax (626) 963-9842

You can participate at any level you wish. You can stop by for whatever length of time you're comfortable with (any amount of time would be appreciated) and can bring your signs and a candle. Signs preferably should focus on “No Guest Worker Plan” or “Secure Our Border Now”. If you cannot attend, please participate by calling or faxing during the protest.

We invite Americans in every other U.S. Congressional District to organize a similar protest in front of their US Congressmen. Together WE THE PEOPLE can stop Congress from selling out our Nation!

Why Congressman David Dreier?

David is second to none in blowing the greatest amount of gas while accomplishing the least amount of REAL forward progress in securing our borders and dealing with the millions of illegal aliens, criminals and terrorists who have invaded our country.

Throughout his more than 25 years in office David has done little except to support big business’s unquenchable thirst for cheap third world slave labor at the expense of American Sovereignty.

Americans for Better Immigration gives David a well earned F- rating in the category of reducing amnesties for illegal aliens and an F- in reducing unnecessary foreign worker visas. American workers and small businesses are always last in line with David.

Despite overwhelming opposition from the rank and file of his party; David supports a guest worker amnesty for illegal aliens.

David, while blowing the gas of “Lobbying Reform” is working with the Republican Party leadership and Carl Rove to turn control of the House of Representatives over to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This will allow a guest worker amnesty to come out of a Senate conference committee and reach the House Floor where the Democrats will ensure its passage with only a few Republican votes needed.

David’s prearranged political strategy will allow those on the “hot seat”, like himself, John Campbell, Jerry Lewis and Darrel Issa to vote no.

Our Border Patrol and law enforcement officers deserve the full support of the American people when confronted by heavily armed Military or paramilitary personnel. Our law enforcement officers are not equipped and trained to repel foreign military invasion.

Whether border incursions are by Mexican Military or those dressed like Mexican Military is totally irrelevant to the safety and well being of those brave men guarding our border. This situation mandates an immediate response by the Bush Administration to place U.S. Military in position to counter this threat.

Why is the President not sending Military troops to the Border as legally mandated to ensure National Security? Is this President fit to be Commander in Chief? David Dreier, true to his nature, blows gas to deflect attention from the real issue by calling for hearings rather than demanding immediate action by the President.

Will it take a mass slaughter of our law enforcement officers before anything gets done? David places his dream of a guest worker amnesty plan and the supposed need for cheap disposable labor above the lives of those Americans who are sworn to protect and serve. He serves one master; big business.

David champions his new “secure” Social Security Card (HR 98) while at the same time ensuring that it never comes up for a vote. This was not, of course included in HR 4437.

While David blows maximum gas and pats himself on the back for passage of HR 4437, it actually does little to stop the tsunami of illegal immigration. See Dreier’s release at:


The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (HR 4437), recently passed by the House is nothing but a step toward amnesty. It is part of a diabolical “bait and switch” being engineered by David and his friends. The Senate will soon attach an amnesty and send it back to a conference committee where negotiations will be held in secret away from public scrutiny.

Though HR 4437 has some good provisions (which will be gutted by the Senate) it has many deficiencies. For example: Employers are given six years to fully implement the Social Security Verification process and then conveniently ignores any requirement for employers to dismiss their illegal alien employees even after they have been shown to be unauthorized to work in the United States following mandatory verification.

See: http://www.fairus.org

The bill also fails to:

Construct a fence along the entire southern border;
Authorize sufficient personnel at DHS to enforce our immigration laws;
Protect the integrity of the social security card;
Protect the integrity of birth certificates;
Reduce the number of documents usable for worksite verification;
Suspend the visa waiver program;
Restrict birthright citizenship;
Restrict the use of ITINs;
Require additional detention space for illegal aliens
Stop the granting of mortgages to illegal aliens;
Stop the business tax deductions employers take for their illegal employees;
Stop claims by illegal aliens for the earned income tax credit.
The "border crackdown" hype of H.R. 4437 conceals its destruction of the nationwide summary removal authority already on the books. H.R. 4437 institutionalizes the "get 100 miles past the border and you’re home free" game once and for all.

The current Section 235(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act was passed by Congress along with amendments called the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996" (IIRIRA). The IIRIRA legislation was signed by President Clinton on September 30, 1996. It became effective on April 1, 1997.

The legislation allowed for the summary removal of illegal aliens found anywhere in the United States—within two years of entering illegally. (Immigration Act Section 235(b)(1)(A)(iii).).

See: http://www.vdare.com/mann/051219_hr4437.htm

When will David get serious about stemming the tide of illegal immigration? Probably not soon if ever, as long as he can continue protecting big business by fooling the People with his copious quantities of gas.

We think David Dreier is the clear winner of the “Extreme Sacrifice”.

It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to defend our Nation. We will send a loud and clear message that; we will not accept a guest worker amnesty; we will not forfeit our sovereignty; we will shine the “spotlight of freedom” on our elected representatives and hold them accountable.

Listen to the Song: "We the People"
(Music and Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna Copyrights ASCAP 2006)

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