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by Gianluca Zanna Minuteman Volunteer in Tombstone Arizona April 2005
gianluca zanna

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Hi, my name is Gianluca Zanna and I am a legal immigrant from Italy...
and I love America.
I am a volunteer that have joined the Minuteman project.
I'm just back home from 3 days in the Arizona borders with the Minuteman project...
the most beautiful and heart breaking experience I've ever had in my whole life... I've had to hold my tears when I saw the sacrifice and the determination of the American people that have joined
this historical event: seniors men and women, young kids, invalid on wheelchair, war veterans, average joe and jane from every state... normal people that sacrificing their time and money, with extreme love and determination came to Tombstone to peacefully protest about the Illegal Immigration and to keep America safe!
I've seen those volunteers under the sun of the Arizona desert, and in the dark of the cold nights at the border with Mexico, risking their lives and leaving their homes and comfortable habits to make a stand... !!!

Today I know why America is great... it is not just because of the financial and industrial strength, not because of going to Mars of to the moon, or because of the overrated Hollywood movies...
America is great because of the American people and their determination to fight for their rights and freedom... and the Constitution given from our Founder Fathers is our tool that will permit us to find the
answers to today's problems...
this weekend in Arizona I've seen the American Constitution and the bill of rights in real action...

I am so proud to have been there with my fellows Americans...
and I am so proud to become one of them this 29th of April, when I will pledge my oath to defend America and its Consititution and to become myself an American Citizen too.
To be part of the Minuteman Project, even for just few days,
it has been the most beautiful experience I've ever had in my whole life!

Please help and support the volunteers of the
the Minuteman project spreading this message
" Fellows Americans, show your support to the minuteman and women volunteers..."

How to do it:
1) Call your local radio and tell them what you feel about the Minute men and women.

2) Write to your local newspaper, congressmen or local politicians and say that you support the Minute men and women.

3) Send them an offer if you can... gas, food, lodge, equipment...
these volunteers they are paying for everything themselves,
on top of missing their jobs and families...
and risking their lives (shall I remind you the Drug dealers and the Coyotes how pissed off are they?)

Send a money offer, anything you can... even just a greeting card to these american heroes

Civil Homeland Security / Minutemen Project
PO Box 1579 Tombstone, AZ 85638
or call (520) 457-3008

Luca Zanna
A new proud American Citizen

here some articles about the Minuteman project:
Listen to Luca Zanna CD Wake Up America

Watch Zanna with Jim Gillchrist the cofounder of the Minutemen Project
at Tombstone

Watch Zanna with Jim Gillchrist the cofounder of the Minutemen Project
at the Naco Border

Watch Zanna on CNN with Lou Dobb

Listen Zanna on KSL Newsradio 1160

Watch Minuteman Project on CNN with Lou Dobbs






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Sierra Vista Herald

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