Appleseed Project: How to become a Rifleman and a better American!
by Gianluca Zanna January 16th 2010
It’s late Sunday nite. I am just back from the Appleseed weekend Rifle class. Two full days under the beautiful Arizona November sun pursuing the journey of how to become a real RIFLE MAN.
This is not a bench smoking cigar weekend shooter experience, this is a real practical life opportunity to learn how to become a real American Rifleman, as in the tradition of our Fore Fathers. That means to shoot body shots at least 400 yards and head shots at least 200 yards… with just the iron sight and no bench. What can I say? I have just started my journey. I had learned a lot, and I have realized how much more I have to learn.
I consider this experience another more reason to be grateful to have had the opportunity to become an American Citizen in my life. To share those 2 days on the range with other committed men, women (and their sons and daughters), aware of their history, roots, duty and danger that we face as nation, this has been another incredible piece of memory for my spirit that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Why I am so excited about this Appleseed Project? There is more than one reason, but let me give you at least 3.

1) You get so much for the money.
With just $70 you have the opportunity to be in a 2 full day class of professional volunteer instructors where you will be able to learn the basic marksman skills for your life time journey of how to become a real Rifleman. Think how many times you blow away much more useless private federal reserve notes getting almost nothing back. How many dinners at that stupid greasy restaurant or how many over priced starbucks cappuccino do you need to spare to save these priceless $70 for the Appleseed project? Not many, trust me.

2) It’s more than just learning of how to shoot.
Doing a class at Appleseed it is not just about learning how to throw lead into a target. It’s about to rediscover who We are as Americans. Appreciating the skills and the sacrifices that our Fore Fathers did to give us our Freedoms that today we have permitted to be taken away in exchange of fake security and and extra government hand out.
To never forget our History. To be aware of what we are losing because of our apathy. During the shooting pauses the instructors share great detailed lectures of our American Revolution with particular focus on the first few crucial days of the battle of Lexington and Concord. I doubt in any public reeducation camp school you will learn any of those historical facts with such details. bring your Cleenex...
and I am not ashamed to tell you that I had to used them more than one time.

3)It’s a DUTY.
At Appleseed they don’t talk about politics. I understand. There is no room for republicrats or democraps. They are not profit and they keep it simple: Learn your history and how to become a rifleman. But guess what… Give me a man or a woman with a Rifle that also have a heart for their Country… this man or woman is a million times more powerful than any Political party. This free individual represents the seed of a growing Liberty tree.
Give me 1000.000 men and women like those… and we have still hope as free Nation to remain Free.
Remember, We the People are the last line of defense against any tyranny… foreign and domestic. I consider it as our DUTY as Americans to learn all the skills that our Fore Fathers had to stand against evil, and to become a true rifleman… it’s one of them. It’s our duty and honor to be the holder of this seed of freedom that we must preserve and share with our next generation. Become an Appleseed member and share the wealth of our American Heritage.
I have just joined them tonite.

Luca Zanna
Italian by birth, American by choice

PS 1 At the end of the 2 days I was excited to have reached my effective range of 400 yards and one head shot at 200 yards my first red coat officer in the head :)

PS 2 I got my Rifleman Patch (first score 213 at the AQT, followed by another 214 in less than 1 hour) January 16th 2010

rifleman patch gianluca zanna

I am also distinguished graduated at Frontsight Nevada in Defensive Handgun, and graduated with full grades in Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, Advanced Tactical Handgun.

"Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state."
Thomas Jefferson 3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

Mohave County Riflemen Fellowship

Please enjoy my song I wrote and produced "The Second Amendment" dedicated to all Riflemen and Riflewomen around the Country.

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