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Illegal Immigration


Project name: Congressman Watchdog
Congressman Watchdog

The Minutemen are watching not just the Borders, but also the Politicians: Congressman Watchdog! How to get our Congress back !

You don't necessarily need to go the borders to become a minuteman and to defend America from the illegal alien Invasion.
The first step starts in your district and right
in front of your Congressman's office.
For too long we have left our elected representatives "alone" due to our busy and sometimes lazy lifestyle.
Now it's time to remind them that if they are in office it's because of us... and they better start to be on the same page with our resolve about Illegal Immigration... otherwise we will gladly fire them!

Like roaches, corrupt politicians love the dark, where they can move freely and conduct their personal and selfish agendas.
I would like to share with you how our HighDesert Minutemen group from Apple Valley, California have created a scientific and successful method to expose our Congressman... Jerry Lewis!

A couple of examples: Jerry Lewis voted in support of the Matricular Consular Card for the illegal aliens in America (against the strong advice of the FBI and Homeland Security), and he also voted to reward Mexico with the 66 million dollars even though Mexico refuses to give us back all the copkillers hiding in their country. Jerry Lewis, boldly demonstrated in his voting records, that he does not represent America, he should be considered an enemy, and severely jeopardizes our American Sovreignity.
I don't think it will come as a surprise that he also voted for CAFTA.
Jerry Lewis Voting Records

Our goal is to expose the criminal voting records of our Congressman, and hopefully fire him at the next election!
Doing the job alone, your phone call or letter to your congressman is far from enough.
We need to get organized, syncronized and united. Only in this way do we have a chance of exposing how some of our elected representatives are betraying America and Americans!

Here are the steps you can take to create a Minutemen group in your District to get your Congressman back on the right track.

1) Register a domain name that explains the goal (for example, if you have a traitor congressman like in our case Jerry Lewis, we are www.FireJerryLewis.com you would register the approriate name Firenameofthecongressman.com
Don't forget that you may also want to help your congressman in case he/she is a good one, we only try to fire when there is no hope. We first try to work them out, and to "remind" them what they are doing wrong, and put pressure on them. If they do not respond, then we need to replace them. The best place to register domain names is http://Godaddy.com (just $8.95 for year)

2) Get a web hosting ... the best deal is http://Powweb.com. You get tons of webspace and bandwith to upload videos and more... about $7 each month to have a very powerful world wide media. Watch one of our Rally videos to get an idea of what you can do (over 10,000 people already have watched) WATCH VIDEO Rally JERRY LEWIS

3) Create a simple and easy to navigate website....
the goal is to expose the voting records of the Congressman and to show what really he/she has been doing for us (or TO us)... example: go to http://FireJerryLewis.com and you are free to copy any ideas or design ...you can find the voting record of your congressman at http://www.numbersusa.com

4) Create a free messageboard at Yahoo and promote it on your site... they are powerful tools that permit to create a community and are very important to communicate and coordinate your rallies, ideas, feedback, etc. http://groups.yahoo.com
to give you an idea, this is our Fire Jerry Lewis message board http://groups.yahoo.com/group/firejerrylewis/

5) Now you are in business and it's time for action!
Phone calls and faxes by yourself are not enough. As I've already said, corrupt politicians are like roaches. They hate when somebody turns the light on them. You want to point a 100,000 watt spotlight on them and fry them. They deserve this and more if they don't stand against Illegal Immigration!

here are your tools:
a) rallies
b) talk radio guerrilla
c) newspapers
d) word of mouth
e) flyers
f) synchronized phone/emails/fax/delegations attacks

a) Rallies
Organize at least 1 rally every month in front of the office of your corrupt Congressman and expose their latest voting records. Don't forget to promote rallies on message boards, talk radio, press releases to newspapers... and word of mouth.
All you need is an handful of dedicated and "noisy" men and women.
Don't forget to bring crying kids and elders. Bring bullhorns and explain loudly why your Congressman is failing America about Illegal Immigration!
Make them feel ashamed!

b) Talk radio guerrilla
With just a few good people you can transform your local talk radio in your infomercial... worth thousands of $$$ for FREE!! How? Very simple. Syncronize calling the talk radio show all at the same time so you can have more chances to jam the phone lines, and talk about your famous corrupt politician... remember, don't say that you belong to any group... keep it spontaneous... after the third caller that talks about the same congressman, your community will begin waking up and a revolution is on the way!

c) Newspapers
Corrupt Politicians hate newspapers as the devil hates the Holy water.
The written word remain longer than a rally or a talk radio show.
Don't underestimate the power of the paper, even in this internet age.
Call reporters and invite them to come at your rally. Local newspapers love rallies, especially against corrupt politicians!
Look at our Sunday front page article we had about our Fire Jerry Lewis rally on our VV Daily Press... the best newspaper in the district of our beloved Congressman Jerry Lewis http://firejerrylewis.com/pics/Dailypresssundayfrontpage.jpg

d) Word of mouth
Friends, neighborhood, family... use the power of the word... the buzz is contagious and people love to chat and badmouth corrupt politicians!

Expose the facts and their voting records... black and white... flyers are cheap and effective!
Spread them around... especially on the cars of the parking lot of your congressman office :)

f) D- DAY, It's War Time: Synchronized phone/emails/fax/delegations simultaneous attacks!!
In a scientific and planned way, synchronize the above tactics to pressure your congressman, before, during and after an important voting session... remind them that WE are paying for their chair and office... and if they want to still work for US, they needs to listen to us, otherwise, we will gladly FIRE Them or at least we will do our best to expose them!

example: rally starts at 10:00 am. From 10:00 to 11:00 unleash hell... phone calls, faxes and emails... all concentrated in 1 hour... at the same time, a delegation (a few speakers from our group) wants to talk with the congressman... in presence of the reporters... you want to create a shock wave in that specific timeframe, one that we are controlling... you want to make his/her life so miserable if they keep selling out our Country and our borders... that they need to know that you are not unaware and are not accepting their lies and rhetoric anymore. We realize it is sad and very difficult because in many cases, and very much so in the case of Jerry Lewis, they are supported by millions of dollars by big corporations.
We at least need to show them that we realize what they are up to, and we will cause them pain and expense to balance the truth that we are exposing. Ask US Congressman David Dreier from California about his last campaign!

Bottomline, We the American people want our Congress back in our control... not controlled by big corporations or other Foreign forces like Mexico!

Just imagine... if in every US district we had a handful of dedicated and legally aggressive minutemen and minutewomen willing to donate just 1 hour a week for this common effort, recruiting people, monitoring their district and Congressman, being aware of voting records and being involved. We can get our Congress back in our hands, and finally resolve the problems of the Illegal Invasion of America.
Concentrated local efforts... National results!!!

Feel free to distribute, improve it, and make it yours!

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