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UnitedStates.fm is privately owned by a spontaneous grassroots groups of American patriots.
We are located everywhere in the USA... and we are growing everyday!

Our goal is to support and defend the United States of America and its Constitution, to stop the Communism, the Invasion of Illegals Aliens, the NEW World ORDER and to show our love and respect for our troops.
We want to give to everybody the opportunity to show their love for America sharing opinions, music, feelings and ideas...

God Bless America
E-mail: info@UnitedStates.fm

Watch this Video and Wake up!

At UnitedStates.fm...

1) We believe in God
and we welcome all the religions that love America and respect our way of life

2) We respect our Constitution
and our Founder Fathers

3) We deeply support the second AMENDMENT
and the right to defend ourselves and our families

4) We support our Troops
and we respect their sacrifices even when they have to follow orders of traitor politicians

5) We believe in the defense of our National Borders
and we support only a legal and a controlled immigration

6) We believe that We the People rule
and the politicians must obey to our will, not the opposite, after all, who is paying for their salaries??

7) We believe that socialism and communism are the castration on every human being
if you like them so much, why are you still here?
we suggest you to move to North Korea or Cuba... till they are still alive.

8) We believe in our Flag
and what it represents, Freedom and Justice for All, and we mean the American Flag!!!

9) We believe that the "Right of choice"
means "Right to Murder
yes, it is just another hypocrite way to say "Right to murder a defenseless child"

10) We believe that Capitalism made this Country great
if it is not true, ask to Russia or North Korea that are still begging for food

11) We believe that the Family can do better than the State
and We can use our Tax money more efficiently than our burocrats would do

12) We believe that our President can be wrong and he is part of the Globalist New World Order that is trying to destroy America from within!

13) We believe that the word "minority" is always "relative" and very offensive...
We are all Americans, with the same rights and the same duties, regardless our ethnical background... the word minority it is just another great excuse for our failures.

14) We believe that the United Nations are a threat to our Republic, our Constitution and to our Freedom
read here

15)We believe that the Federal Reserve is not Federal at all and it is a fraud click here

16) We believe that 9/11 was an inside job watch for yourself

17) We believe that if you don't agree in what we say

we really don't care
and we are not even trying to make you change opinion...
You are free to leave this site anytime NOW