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Don't Tread on US
Songs of Freedom & Love for the Second American Revolution

All Music and Lyrics Copyright 2009/2010 by Gianluca Zanna ASCAP
Italian by birth, American by choice

Gianluca Zanna songs

1- We the People 2- Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
3- Don't Tread on US 4- Show me the Law 5- Here they come
6- New World Order 7- Stop the North America Union
8- Red Wave 9- The Minutemen (tribal vers.)
10- Cuba Libre 11- State of Mind
12- I love Arizona 13- Life is Beautiful
14- Chloride (instr) 15- Desert Song (instr)
16- I want to love you all nite long
17- There's always sun after the thunder
18- I am lost into your eyes (acoustic)
19- America that I love...
20- Thank You America (acoustic)
21 My final message to the NWO - The End (instr)

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