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free ticket to siberiaWe offer a Free Ticket to Siberia (Russia) to all the persons that in our opinion are always complaining about our way of life, about our politics, our system.... and even worst, we believe are fat Liars!!!
This is America... not Cuba, not China, not France, not Russia... nothing wrong with complaining, but if you really hate it so much, we would like to help...
we got a Free ticket for you too!
This week's Free ticket to Siberia goes to: Michael Moore

Michael MooreIf it was you...
(Gianluca Zanna ©2004 distribuite Free)

If it was you that had been persecuted,
If it was you that saw your friends executed,

if it was you that your mother had been raped
if it was you that your father had been mutilated,

if it was you that had been tortured
If it was you that wanted to be liberated

If it was you dreaming for your death as your only freedom...
If it was you living in a state of fiefdom...

if it was you to live under Saddam...

if it was you...
Would you still hate George W. Bush?

dedicated to Michael Moore
It’s too easy to be a fat liar when you live in a Free Country

on the Kerry on Iraq
Watch Kerry on Iraq

Thank You America Video

Thank You America Song

music and lyrics © 2004 Gianluca Zanna

Thank You America Poem
lyrics © 2004 Gianluca Zanna
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