High desert Minutemen

 Stop Illegal Immigration, English as national Language, defend our National Borders, defend our Constitution

high deseret minutemen

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life."
-John F Kennedy

Illegal Immigration

Congressman Watchdog

AT THE BORDERS Jacumba October 2005

02) Death of an American Dream
03) PSI-OPS on the borders

Who we are:

We are the High Desert Minutemen, located on the High Desert in Southern California, United States of America. We are a spontaneous grassroots unincorporated gathering of American men and women concerned with illegal immigration and its devastating effects upon our way of life, our culture and National sovereignty.
We are non profit, non-partisan and membership is open by invitation to all people regardless of political affiliation, race, color, religion or national origin... one only condition, you must be a legal resident of the United States of America.  We maintain privacy of all our members and we give them 100% freedom in choosing what type of action to pursue in our common cause. There are no membership fees.


What We Believe:
We recognize and enjoy our diversity as it contributes to the American “melting pot” and celebrate those shared commonalities which bind us together into a unique American culture with one English language. We as people bonded together by common purpose will increase our ability to uphold the rule of law, our Constitution, effect change and protect our way of life. We believe that a Country must have borders, a common language and only controlled and legal immigration. We also believe that local spontaneous grassroots movements like ours can create a National Pacific revolution where We the People will remind our disconnected politicians that they work for us.

Our Action Plans:

1) Local and National "Synchronized"
Political Lobby Action
We "personally remind" our Politicians who is paying their salaries and what they have to do to keep their jobs.

2) Live Events and Pacific protests...
We will peacefully and lawfully exercise our 1st amendment right to protest illegal immigration and those that support it, and will join and support other groups in rallies and protests to help the cause.

3) Brotherhood Watch...
We vow to support and protect each other like brothers and sisters... United We Stand!

4) Network with other grassroots groups...
We actively collaborate with other grassroots groups from all 50 States to help patrol the American borders in coordination with other local minutemen groups.

5) Education and Recruiting...
We don't preach or we don't try to brainwash anybody. We want to provide an opportunity to anyone that is interested in learning about the critical problems that are caused by illegal immigration, and we provide a local forum on how we can all fight it together.

6) Local Media Interventions...
We believe that as a coordinated work of "individuals" we can better connect with our local media to create greater awareness about the problems caused by illegal immigration. Together and growing strong, we believe we can have a National Impact.


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NOTE: We are an independent Minutemen group that formed

 to support our fellow Minutemen organizations all over the U.S.