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I want to understand
(Music and Lyrics Gianluca Zanna copyrights 2004)

One Country One Language... English is the language that gives us the opportunity to feel us like One United Country... some corrupted politicians and some illegal aliens are trying to change this concept... try it again!

Babel Tower America one Country One Language

I want to understand
(Music and Lyrics Gianluca Zanna copyrights 2004)

This is America and we have the right to understand
I was an immigrant myself but I’ve always wanted,
wanted to learn...

I want to understand
When I listen to the radio,
I want to understand
when I watch Tv,
I want to understand
When I walk on the streets,
I want to understand
when I go to work,
I want to understand
When I am at the bank,
I want to understand
What you say behind my back,
I want to understand
The signs on the walls
I want to understand... this is our land

You create your ghetto, you create the walls
stop whining gibrish... be part of this world

You came to this Country as many of us
But for some reason you are such, such a pain in the ass

I want to understand...

This is America and I want to understand
Please speak english, this is our land...

One Country, One Language...

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