High Desert Minutemen
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Rally 11/25/05

Mountain Minuteman
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On the Borders
against the Anarchists

High Desert Minutemen
PSI OPS in Campo

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Enemy Within

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Campbell Rally 16th January
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The Death of
an American Dream

Rally 07/19/05

Jim Gilchrist speech
Campo US Borders

Rally 08/24/05

SOS 1 Year
Happy Birthday

NBC Rally
21th November

Jan 7 Day Labor Protest
+ David Dreier Rally

Minutemen at Dreier Office

Attack on Americans!!! Watch this video!
...and WAKE UP! this is Aztlan at work!
PS: Dear Mr. Carlos Spector, please watch this video... this will show the truth and answer
to your lies!
PS for the politicians of El Paso that are on the payroll of Mexico, and Your Majesty have decided that Minutemen are not welcome in "your" town...
Did you ever read the bill of right? El Paso still belong to the United States of America, and as Citizens We can go wherever we damn please without asking for your "permit".
best regards, and KISS MY ASS!
Luca Zanna

Minuteman TV Creates Debate (and I say: "who cares!")

Welcome to Minuteman.tv The first internet TV channel for the American Resistance
of the XXI Century.
Our mission is to inform and to Wake UP Americans about the threat of Illegal Aliens
and the Silent Invasion of America.
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The Shows of the day:
Alien Encounter in Apple Valley California!
The Extreme Sacrifice 24 hours Chain Protest

What you will find at Minuteman.tv:
*Special Video and Audio Reports from the US/Mexican Borders!!
*Dangerous undercover special reporting from Illegal Alien working sites!!
*Watch and Listen to the Rage of fed up American People !!
*The Exposing of US Employers that hire Illegals !!
*Uncensored Commentaries about our corrupt Politicians on the payroll of Mexico !!
*Sharing ideas and action plans how save America from the Liberals and the Mexican Reconquistas!
*Live Rallies, Protests and more... Supporting American heroes like Tom Tancredo!
No FCC, No Censorship, No BS!
*Very STRONG and OFFENSIVE Language...

If you are a communist, a traitor or a politically correct idiot...
you may find yourself very offended!
Go to cry somewhere else because we don't give a damn!

We are not affiliated with any political party, or any other group... we speak for ourselves!
We are Americans first, and we put America before every political party!
We do not support or advocate any form of racism...
The only colors that matter to us are the Red White and Blue!
We don't believe in the word minority... we are all Americans with the same rights!
If you are a loser, it does not matter what your skin color is... you will be always a loser!
We believe in the US Constitution and we pledge allegiance to the Flag of the
United States of America, under God, with liberty and justice for All!

We aren't Gandhi followers, Buddhist monks or Christian martyrs...
We believe in the second Amendment and the right to defend ourselves
and our Country!
Send us your video, or audio files... become our special Reporter
Help us to Wake Up America
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