Minuteman Project Bands
We are looking for Patriotic Musicians and Singers that they want to be part of the Minuteman Project Bands, to tour America & defend our Borders!
Who am I..Luca Zanna Minuteman
My name is Luca Zanna, a recent Legal Immigrant from Rome, Italy. I am a proud American Citizen and member of The Minuteman Project.
I am the composer of the song "the Minutemen" and producer and author of the patriotic CD "Wake Up America",and the music director of The Minuteman Project Bands.

What I am looking for...
I am looking for great bands (already together and established) and/or good musicians from all over the 50 states who wish to become the official "Minuteman Project" band in their own state and/or region.
The "Minuteman Project" will be a highly publicized music group that will tour across America and help The Minuteman Project to protect our borders and citizens! So, just to be clear, we are not just seeking musicians who are looking for gigs, but we are seeking American Patriots who love America and wish to support The Minuteman Project and its cause!

How to become the Minuteman Band in your own state...

Send us a demo (cassette tape or CD audio) or, if you wish and are able, a music video of your band performing at least 3 songs from the CD "Wake Up America". We don't care about the quality of the recording...we need just to listen to your live sound and evaluate your musical skills. Also, along with the demo, send us a clear photo of your band and a personal biography of each element and your accomplishments, if any.

patriotic musicWhat is for you and your band...

If your band is selected, it will be officially named "The Minuteman Project Band" for your state and we will start to book your band for concerts in your state (and /or region), with TV and Radio interviews and possible promotion/live and taped performances.
We invite you to join us and entertain during all of our local and national events... that means extra revenues for you and your band, extra fun, a little (or possibly a great deal) of fame, and a public forum and outlet to expose your talents.
But more importantly, the opportunity to help to give national promotion to the Minuteman Project and yourselves with your Live performances.
Your participation will also help us to raise the necessary funds to fight against the Illegal Invasion in America.
You may be helping in the war on terror, assisting in stopping the illicit drug trade across our borders which is poisoning Americans, and in preserving the United States as a nation governed by the orderly rule of law...
not by the chaotic rule of political tyrants and their pandered mobs of illegal aliens!

The Music...
The concert will consist of at least 12 songs selected from the CD "Wake Up America", plus the following revised with your own style: Yankee Doodle, God Bless America, Star-Spangled Banner and, of course, some of your own original songs in theme with our message.
Our music style can be defined: Patriotic Folk/Rock!

We have no affiliation with, nor will we accept any assistance by or interference from separatists, racists or supremacy groups or individuals, no matter what their race, color, or creed.

What to do next
Make a demo and send it to:
Luca Zanna
PO BOX 1767
Apple Valley Ca. 92307
and meanwhile, thanks for your support and please join the Minuteman Project!

Luca Zanna

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