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Point of views...
we invite you to express your point of view... at UnitedStates.fm
About your political opinions, about how to help the Country, how to improve our lives, about our politicians, about everything can be positive and constructive for America and Americans.
All we ask is to avoid useless vulgarity. It's free, just email us your opinions... we will gladly publish them if they make sense (to us of course) regardless the different political point of view... only one serious condition: show your love for America even with different point of views!!

point of views

Freedoms Lost...

9/11 was an inside Job !

Federal Reserve is not Federal!

America from Freedom to Fascism!

Martial Law is coming!

Military Right to say No! by Don Bendell

Illegal immigration... how they are invading our Nation

Pro choice... the right to murder a child using a fancy word

The II Amendment... the right to don't become a sheep

How to defend our borders... simply. cheap and fast.

One language... one Country... Let's speak English, eh?!

The Death penalty: too quick, too nice...

Welfare... we work, they get drunk for free...

Taxes... when the governement plays with our money

War in Iraq... who really loved Saddam?

Communism, Socialism and other form of social cancers

United Nations, their private interests. and Kofi's big mouth

Arrogant, traitor, ungrateful... let's just say: French!

E Pluribus Unum... unum means one!!

Mexico and la Raza... and their hidden plan to conquer America

Gays and the wedding deal... who cares!?

Islam, religion of Peace... ah, ah, ah, let's laugh together!

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