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" The American Contractors and Tradesmen Coalition"
American Carpenter Vietnam Vet fights Illegal Immigration
Raymond Herrera American Contractor
My name is Raymond Herrera, I am an American Carpenter and also an American General Contractor, out of work and out of business in America's booming construction industry.

As an American tradesman, 34 years experience as a carpenter, a licensed General Contractor in Arizona and California, both failed business ventures due to the lack of American tradesmen, not for the lack of work in America.

They failed not because I lacked trade skills, a strong work ethic, business knowledge, or the lack of work in America's construction industry. Rather they failed because of Illegal Immigration and the Immoral American Developers and Contractors, who hire vast numbers of Illegal Mexican Immigrants rather than their fellow American workers.

The hiring practice of these American Developers and Contractors, the unabated invasion of illegal Mexican Immigrants have destroyed The American Tradesmen, the American Contractor and The American Dream for their American families.

I have made three videos that address the issue of Illegal Immigration with respect to the American trades and jobs lost in the construction field. These videos have been on major web sites across America, such web sites as: wakeupamericafoundation.com., Forthecause.us and the Indiana Reform Movement. I have appeared on the Mark Edward's Show ( Wake Up America Radio). The show aired 1-5-06 and can be found in their archives.

As an American Contractor/Tradesman, I have founded the American Contractors and Tradesmen Coalition.

Our mission is to regain the American trades, now in the hands of illegal Mexican immigrants and their American Developers/American Contractors.

The American Contractors and Tradesmen Coalition is affiliated with such organizations as The Minutemen, Citizens For Securing Our Boarders, Congressional Candidate Sonny Sardo, California's 26Th Congressional District, Jim Gilchrist, California's 19Th Congressional District and many more Americans, " The American Contractors and Tradesmen Coalition is now seeking new membership: Carpenters, Plumbers, Drywallers, Electricians, Roofers, Cement Masons and related trades.

General Contractors and Sub-Contractors to aggressively pursue the American trades.

" The American Contractors and Tradesmen Coalition" also seeks monetary donations to further implement it's goals and achieve success in regaining the American trades now in the hands of illegal immigrants.

E-mail: r_herrera173abn@yahoo.com

Raymond Herrera
P.O.Box 403275
Hesperia Ca. 92340

Raymond Herrera

Watch the Videos
The Death of American Dream (part 1)
The Death of American Dream (part 2)

Raymond Herrera confronting Illegal Aliens
watch the video

Raymond Herrera at Rally Congressman David Dreier
watch the video

Raymond Herrera at Rancho Cucamonga Rally
watch the video

Raymond Herrera at Congressman John Campbell Rally
watch the video

Raymond at the Extreme Sacrifice

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