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Wake Up America
Patriotic Songs for America of the XXI Century
wake up america cd
Let's defend our Borders, Language, Constitution and support our Troops!

Wake Up America is a unique music Cd with a collection of patriotic HIT songs in defense of Freedom, in support of the Americans Troops, in defense of the American values,
the English language
, the American borders and the American Constitution...
all music and lyrics thought and composed in the USA
with pride from Gianluca Zanna, the Legal Immigrant from Italy now new proud American Citizen!!

Now you able to order the cd directly from:
Web Trade Inc
PO BOX 6303
Kingman AZ 86402

$10.00 1 CD free shipping
$20.00 4 CDs free shipping

Wake Up America CD is not suggested for the ears of Liberals, Communists, American politicians on the payroll of Mexico or other foreign Countries, United Nations Crooks, Antiguns Freaks,
Backstabber Frenchies, ProChoice Baby Killers, Antimilitary Hippies, Hollywood Left Chicken Wings, and Illegal Aliens Invaders... Strong language used!!

What Zanna believes in, he shows it in his songs, with no regrets and no half ways:

Zanna loves America
(just listen to: Thank You America, I’m living in America, USPS)

Zanna supports the Troops
(just listen to: the Wall, Just back from Hell,
Two Angels from the Chopper)

Zanna supports the Defense of our national borders and our American Heritage
(just listen to: The Minutemen, Remember the Alamo, I want to understand, Pancho Villa Stops here, Wake Up America)

Zanna supports the II amendment and the right of the individuals to defend themselves, their families
and their freedom

(just listen to: the Second Amendment)

Zanna loves freedom and hates
the communism and dictators
(just listen to: Live free or Die, the Enemies within)

Zanna is a passionate defender
against America’s enemies

(just listen to: Boycott France,
Get US out of the United Nations)

Zanna is a passionate friend of the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS

but he opposes the Illegal Invasion
Zanna is a Legal Immigrant himself
and he came to America Legally
(just listen to: The legal Immigrant, The Minutemen)

Zanna Believes in an after life and in God
(just listen to: When that day will come)

One of The song of the cd, "Thank You America", has been chosen in these days like soundtrack for a tv show on network Television American Outdoor Channel.

Complete Songs Track list
"Wake Up America"
01) Wake Up America
02) Thank You America
03) The Wall
04) Just back from Hell
05) Remember the Alamo
06) The Second Amendment
07) Two Angels from the Chopper
08) Live Free or Die
09) I am living in America
10) I want to understand
11) USPS
12) Get US Out of the United Nations
13) Boycott France
14) The Minutemen
15) The Enemies Within
16) Back to Calico
17) Pancho Villa stops here
18) The Legal Immigrant
19) Wake Up America (Acoustic)
20) Thank You America (Rock)
21) When that day will come

If you have a grassroot group in support of Veterans, or fightig Illegal Immigration and you want to resell the CD
ontact Gianluca Zanna
Email Zanna

Zanna New Proud American

Why America is great
by Gianluca Zanna

Illegal Immigration = Communist Invasion of America
by Gianluca Zanna

Sierra Timesa Review

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