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thank you America poem

(Poem by Gianluca Zanna © 2004 distribuite FREE for not commercial purposes, just mention the author if you feel)

If today I don't have to speak German and live under the third reich...
Thank you America

If today I don't have to speak Russian and live under that red flag...
Thank you America

If today my wife doesn't have to hide her face and she can live like a woman...
Thank you America

If today I can drink a beer and celebrate life with no fear...
Thank you America

If today I can choose my own God...

If today I can say what I think without looking behind my back...

If today I can be the owner of my present and dream about my future...

If today I am a free man in a free Country... I want to say one more time...

Thank you America

signed an Italian guy with an American heart
Gianluca Zanna

PS: I want to make clear as author of this poem, as true conservative and constitutionalist, as American not afraid to face the truth:
I, Gianluca Zanna, I don't support this phony without basis fraudolent Iraq war, I want Bush and Cheney impechead for 9/11 and before you write me back with some neocon ignorant email please watch these free online documentaries and don't be afraid to find the truth
Loose Change
Iraq for Sale
God Bless America and defend us from the New World Order and from Fox Lies News!

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Thank You America Song

music and lyrics © 2004 Gianluca Zanna
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